Be Captured by the Horizon and You'll Catch the Love Bug


Show your love sharp and clear, show that you love is wider than the wide wide world! There’s no barrier between reality and love as this instrument (which is itself very hard not to fall in love with) captures true sentiment.

The rough tough looking guy Horizon Perfekt didn’t impress me at first. I am more a dreamer than practical. But Mr. Horizon showed me that he is full of romance and love!

The Horizon dances with you as the lens swings from side to side. Day time salsa, night time tango.

The Horizon makes the wide world wider, as if you are the only one on Earth.

The Horizon has a big heart. He loves you no matter if you are near or far, alone or with friends, 120 degrees of vision will not leave anyone out…

…but also nice for two.

The Horizon is a whisperer. This allows us to shoot in museums, ceremonies, and places that requires us to be extra-quiet.

The Horizon know what a girl wants… he makes you look good in every photo!

Let the tough guy show you love this Valentines Day!

written by meerly on 2013-01-18 #lifestyle #love #singapore #romance #horizon #valentines #horizon-kompakt #horizon-perfekt

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