DIY Camera Strap with Your Own Style

2013-01-18 3

Nothing could be done outdoors under such cool and wet weather, so, what else could we do? Let’s DIY together and make some accessories with your own unique style for your beloved cameras!

Due to the nature of my job, I frequently go to the cloth market searching for suitable materials. A few months ago, I bought a roll of ribbon but I have not yet gotten the chance to use it.

Credits: leftymia

Recently, I got my own ==Belair X 6-12 City Slicker=="; its all black outlook should perfectly match the current trend of ethnic style! Therefore, I decided to make a camera strap for it.

Credits: leftymia

Steps are ultimately easy! Just follow my steps and you could do it too!

Credits: leftymia

First of all, go and buy some elastic tapes from DIY shops. The width of the tape should be the same or a bit wider than the ribbon. Why choose the elastic tape? Due to its thickness, it won’t make us feel uncomfortable even when it comes into contact with our skin.

You could also pick woven tapes, but I think it’s a bit too thick and makes sewing a bit difficult. For lighter cameras, you could use ribbon directly and if it’s the case, just jump to the last 2 steps!

Credits: leftymia

Measure the length of the elastic tape with reference to an existing camera strap. The length of the ribbon should be 20cm longer than the elastic tape.

Credits: leftymia

Use a pair of sharp scissors and cut without any hesitation in order to avoid fraying.

Credits: leftymia

After cutting, fold up the end and sew it. I use the sewing machine which works much faster. If you don’t have one at home, just sew it by hand.

Credits: leftymia

Overlap the ribbon with the elastic tape, leaving 10cm ribbon on each of the two ends and sew.

Sew at the margin of the ribbon which makes the stitches not that visible.
Credits: leftymia

After sewing, the soft ribbon has now become a tough camera strap!

Take a look at the joint of the elastic tape and the ribbon.
Credits: leftymia

Then, take the end of the ribbon through the D-shape ring of Belair X 6-12 City Slicker .

Credits: leftymia

The simplest method ends here. Tie the ribbon and the camera strap is done!

Credits: leftymia

Still worry that it’s not durable? Wind the ribbon several times as shown in the photo below:

Credits: leftymia

Cut twp little holes on the ribbon and take the ends through the holes.

Credits: leftymia

And, that’s it. The steps are so simple but the resulting strap is strong and durable!

Credits: leftymia

You could also do it yourself, and when the sunny day comes, you could take it out for a sunbath together!

Last but not least, I decorated my cool black Belair X 6-12 City Slicker with paper stickers to add in some Japanese style. Hahaha!

Credits: leftymia

Want to know how to decorate it with paper tapes? Please read here!

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