A Flea with Horseshoes and Other Stories


The world’s smallest sculptures are the feat of Russian sculptor Nikolai Aldunin. With the aid of a 28-year-old microscope, Aldunin delicately crafts his world-record masterpieces, inspired by a Russian folk tale. After the jump, peer into Aldunin’s magnifying tool and enter another realm entirely!

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They say stories are spun, just as one would spin thread to make a beautiful garment. Inspired by a classic tale Nikolai Aldunin formed masterpieces of his own using a sewing needle, though without any thread.

The tale tells of a craftsman from the industrial city of Tula who, though he was left-handed and cross-eyed managed to make engraved horseshoes for a flea with more dexterity than any of his peers.

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Toothpicks, syringes, and superglue were used to fashion the accurate models.

It’s interesting to think that even the tiniest of particles can be manipulated and made into art we can appreciate. I wonder if microbial culture will appreciate the “culture” we’re providing to their petri dish community!

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