The Polaroid Spectra 1200FF

2013-01-25 1

What to do when you are feeling impatient and simply don’t want to wait for the lab to process your images? Grab yourself a vintage instant camera!

Since I started my journey back into analog I’ve tried many new things and I fall in love with the wide format of the Polaroid.

The Polaroid Spectra 1200FF was released in 2001 and it uses integral Spectra film (called ‘Image’ outside of North America), film that develops itself without intervention. Spectra film format is substantially larger than the usual square Polaroid shots and has a subtle landscape format with its image size of 3.6 × 2.9 inches (9.2cm x 7.3cm). It’s extremely simple both technically and to operate. This camera is very different in appearance from the other Spectra cameras, it combines both new and classic design elements, while being unmistakably a Polaroid product.

Credits: tsingtao

Now some specs:

  • Lens: 100mm f/11.5, 2-element aspheric. (lens material unspecified, probably plastic) which is roughly equivalent to a 32mm lens on a standard 35mm camera
  • Wider angle lens lets you capture up to 33% more of your scene
  • Fixed-focus, but has built-in close-up lens to extend ‘focus’ range down to 2 ft. A warning/reminder light appears near the viewfinder when the close-up lens has been selected
  • Built-in automatic electronic flash; cannot be manually switched off
  • Folding body; has a pleated bellows design (somewhat reminiscent of the SX-70) and is hinged on only one side. When folded, it appears to be more compact than the other Spectra cameras
  • Built-in metal lens cover automatically slides over the lens when the camera is folded.
  • No tripod socket
  • Unlike other Spectra cameras, there is no Lighten/Darken control or other exposure compensation
  • Film counter counts upward rather than downward; designed for compatibility with a new 12-exposure Spectra film pack
  • Comes with a neck strap

I was given this camera as a gift from my ex boyfriend. I love this camera because it very easy to use. There’s only 3 things to make! 1.Open the camera 2.Compose the scene 3.Press shutter button. It’s easy! Now your picture is ejected automatically.

Credits: tsingtao

Instant film is expensive but the feeling when you hear the noise of your camera ejecting the picture and the excitement of waiting for it to develop itself in front of your eyes will be worth every penny you invested!

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