The City of Manchester Stadium: Home of the Champions


The City of Manchester Stadium, otherwise known as The Etihad Stadium, is the home to the English football champions Manchester City, and a place of worship for the millions of worldwide fans.

The original purpose of this stadium wasn’t originally intended for Manchester City, as it was commissioned to hold the 2002 commonwealth Games.

With the Stadium’s first foundation stone laid by then-Prime Minister Tony Blair in late December 1999, full-on construction was well under way by early January 2000.

The 38,000-seat stadium took just over 2 years to build by Laing Constructions, and cost a massive £112M.

But the spending didn’t stop there. In order to convert it into the stadium, around another £40m was spent, including the installing of another tier comprised of a pitch, restaurants, bars, and other corporate entertainment areas.

The club’s new home was finished in the summer of 2003, boasting a new capacity of 47,805 — the 5th highest in the premier league and 12th in the whole UK. The highest attendance at the stadium was recorded on the final day of the 2012 season, when City miraculously came back from being 2-1 down in the last minute of the game, to end up winning 3-2, and therefore crowning themselves the Champions of English football.

Outside the football season, the stadium is one of the UK’s largest music venues with a 60,000 capacity. It hosted a list of great acts including well-known City fans Oasis, whom I’ve seen there on several occasions shirted and scarf’d up supporting there team.

It also has the British boxing attendance record at over 56,000 ,as another well-known City fan Ricky Hatton defeated Juan Lazcano. I can’t remember where I heard that from, so it might possibly be fictional, but sounds good anyway though, doesn’t it?

The pictures I took were with my LC-A from a pre-match tour I had before a game. I did take a roll of black and white film through my Horizon too, but to this day, I still cant find it. But I promise to shoot some panoramic shots in next game I go to.

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