Take a Trip to Lomoland by Pledging for the Smartphone Film Scanner!


They say “give and you shall receive” so why don’t you give a pledge for the Smartphone Film Scanner and get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Lomography Headquarters in Vienna, Austria? Meet the people who create the objects of your passion/obsession and discover where all the analogue magic happens!

The Lomography HQ and some of the “analogue elves” who work here!

The city of Vienna in Austria is a culturally-diverse and historically-rich locale known for being the picturesque setting of the 1965 film The Sound of Music as well as being today’s “most livable city” in terms of quality of life. No surprises there as it is also home to one of the biggest creative movements in the world and that’s, of course, Lomography!

Credits: flyaway

This is where all bright analogue ideas come to life! We’re talking camera conception, emulsion testing, accessory designing, product marketing, and, naturally, photo taking, and so much more!

Wanna know what really goes on behind closed doors? Now you have the exclusive chance to visit the Lomography HQ and all you have to do is place a pledge for the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner on Kickstarter!

A Peek into the Lomography HQ, shot using the LomoKino and compatible for use with the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

We’ll take you on a 5-day Lomographic adventure around Vienna which will certainly be one for the books. We’ll take you around the office to meet the staff of Lomography and indulge all your analogue desires!

We’ll help you build your very own LomoWall, give you your very own customized LC-A+ which you can pick the leather skin for, head to markets to score some unusual films, and then explore the city and party and not think and just shoot! Talk about a one-of-a-kind travel itinerary and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

What's Neil Gaiman Doing at Lomography HQ?

Community member @flyaway joined the Shoot Your Prophecy contest a few years back and won herself a trip to the Lomography HQ and had a grand time! Even best-selling author Neil Gaiman was recently at HQ for some analogue business so if you go on this trip to LomoLand, you’ll be in the very same space that creative geniuses from all over the world have brainstormed. And the best part is, these camera sketches, film fantasies and photography projects come to life—thanks to your support!

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

The chance to visit the Lomographic Society International HQ in Vienna, Austria is an exclusive and limited offer only available via Kickstarter so make sure to place your pledge for the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner today!

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