The Land Down Under: Koala Cuddles


When I went to visit my friend in New Zealand, we also took a trip to Australia. We travelled from Brisbane to Sydney in a little camper. As we drove, we constantly saw these traffic signs warning us that we had to look out for passing kangaroos and koalas. We were really hoping we would see one but when this didn’t happen until we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket.

Credits: lieze

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is this great park where you can see all typical Australian animals. For the everyday Australian, it may not be all that special but for us it was amazing. You can see all kinds of birds and dingoes, but one animal I really liked was the Platypus. It’s the funniest swimming animal I have ever seen. Platypuses are most active at night, so you can only watch them in an aquarium in some kind of cave. Because of the darkness, I couldn’t get a picture of them, but I enjoyed his hilarious swimming style.

Credits: lieze

In the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, you can actually pet the animals. If you wanted, you could go into a closed of field where all kinds of animals where running around. You even could pet a full-grown ostrich! But the area was specifically intended for the kangaroos since there must have been a hundred kangaroos running around. There were even young ones that were still in the pouch of the mother!

At first, it was intimidating to walk just past these animals, but after a while we started to pet them. And now I can say that kangaroos are actually very soft even thoughtthey don’t look like it from a distance. It was great that we could see these tame kangaroos because we probably would have never been able to come that close with these animals in the wild.

Another animal we had to look out for on the road was the Koala. Of course, you could also see them at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, hence the name. The cages were very open, but you couldn’t really touch them because they were sleeping so high up in the trees. But if when you really wanted to pet one you could get a picture with one of the koalas. It was amazing; I still get exited when thinking back to it. At the beginning, they were a bit grumpy because they like to sleep a lot, but once you had them in your arms, they were very peaceful and great models for the picture.

Credits: lieze

My friend and I had a great day! I would really recommend the park to people who like us aren’t familiar with these remarkable Australian animals. And maybe even to those who are. Because as nice as they are there, you can’t find them in the wild.

Credits: lieze

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