The Land Down Under: Australia Day on the NSW South Coast!

2013-01-17 2

For Australia Day in 2012, we had a big celebration in a local park – lots of food, drinks, esky’s, sea baths, flags, sun-baking, rain-dancing, music, laughter, and most importantly cricket — and this year we intend on doing it all over again!

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There are many traditions associated with Australia Day, but it all begins with what you wear: green and gold, an Aussie flag, zinc, stubby shorts, blue bonds singlets, other random Australian paraphernalia, and sometimes all of the above!

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Next is the flag. We arrived down at the public park in the early morning to stake our claim to the picnic tables and nearby grass. This is done by strategically erecting an Australian flag. This not only alerts potential challengers to the space that it is taken, but also helps our friends find where the party is at!

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An Aussie Day without beers and a barbecue (BBQ) is no Aussie Day. So, the portable BBQs and esky’s (drink coolers) were precariously carted down a steep hill, ready to cook the traditional BBQ fair of snags (sausages) and lamb chops!

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The Triple J Hottest 100 is an annual radio music poll that ranks the top 100 songs of the previous year with the countdown occurring on Australia Day. Portable radios are strategically placed throughout our area in the park to ensure not one song is missed! Post lunch is good time to sun bake and listen to the countdown before the main event of the day…

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For those that do not know what cricket is, take a look here… it will take too long to explain but it is a popular international summer sport in Australia, with matches played against other cricket-loving nations all season. For Australia Day in the park though, it’s just for fun!

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After cricket (or during, for some) a swim is definitely in order!

Last year, sometime in the late afternoon, an unexpected shower of rain occurred which involved lots of running and collecting of belongings before trudging, saturated wet, up the hill to the after-dark Oz Day venue (house party). Upon arriving here, it’s a quick dry-off before listening to the top ten songs on the Hottest 100, with a beer in hand of course.

Australia Day. A big day. A special day. But most of all, a fun day to celebrate being Australian!

Credits: jojo8785

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    One of these days I am going to fulfill my lifelong dream of crossing the equator and Australia is definitely on my destination wishlist.

  2. jojo8785
    jojo8785 ·

    Oops! There is a missing link - this is how you play cricket:…

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