Memories of Burleigh Beach, Australia


For many years Burleigh Beach has been a go-to spot for my family in the state of Queensland, Australia. With wide open spaces away from the more tourist-ladden beaches of the Gold Coast, this spot is a favourite of surfers to the south, near the open waters at the heads, and popular with local families and exercise buffs to the north.

Growing up, all of my summers were spent staying with my Dad on the Gold Coast, so the place feels like home. The Gold Coast is a coastal city located to the South East of the state of Queensland, Australia. The city is 94km south of the state capital, Brisbane. I’ve been coming to this beach for around 15 years now and it never fails to disappoint.

If the surf is up, you can waste away an afternoon watching the surfers getting waves up by the heads. This is also a popular spot for people to go for walks, and really comes alive at night time when, especially in the summer, it comes alive with the local musicians and fire-twirlers who come to the park beside Burleigh SLSC for a jam and dance session.

North Burleigh has always been the favourite spot for my family to sit on a hot summers day, swimming and building sand castles on the beach. Once we’re tired of that (or we got too sunburnt), we head towards the park at the top of the beach to play cricket or read a book.

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