Australia Day: Stopover at Melbourne

2013-02-12 1

Australia Day is celebrated nation-wide on January 26th and commemorates the day the first fleet arrived in Sydney Cove, claiming Australia under British rule. On this day, you’ll see a lot of green and gold and more southern-crosses than you will be able to count. This is my story about how my Australia Day was almost canceled last year.

My boyfriend and I had travelled to Melbourne for the Australian Open. The memories of many summers sitting in front of the TV watching the tennis, with a fan blowing warm air onto me had finally changed into being there in person.

We had the trip planned out so that we would be able to still get back to my home-town on the Central Coast of New South Wales in time to have a barbecue and some drinks with friends. Unfortunately, the low-cost airline that we had booked with had failed to tell us that the schedules had changed. Tostill go through with our plans, we were forced to pay three times as much to travel on another airline.

One good and unexpected thing that happened though, was that as we found ourselves staying in Melbourne until lunchtime. We were able to see some of the Australia Day parades they had going through the city. It celebrated the diverse multiculturalism we have in the country, and some of the ‘Australian ways of life’. It was a very hot day and thankfully, there were a lot of volunteers handing out bottles of water and keeping the crowd under control.

By having that extra bit of time in the city, we were able to explore a little more. Some of the places I really enjoyed were Federation Square, which was right near where the Parade was.

Federation Square — or simply Fed Square to the locals — was basically built at a city square to hold different events and have a place for the locals to meet and feel at home at. The architecture is very interesting and in the area, there are several interesting museums. One of the things I liked most was relaxing on the deck chairs which were scattered around and watching the tennis on the big screens.

After the quick but crowded flight home, we headed to one of my friends houses where they had a barbeque, we heated up some sausages and steak and the girls sat outside and chatted while listening to the Triple J hottest 100 and the guys sat inside watching the cricket. It was exactly what I had been looking forward to and in the end a good Australia day was had by all!

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    you inspire me to go Australia!

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