Fuji Superia 200... Color Vividness on 110mm


Luckily, a dear friend had given me a 110 film some months ago. When my Fisheye Baby Basic arrived, I didn’t hesitate a moment of loading that Superia and testing it… the results were magnificent!

Sunny day, friends, road trip and a destination… everything was perfect to experiment with the new camera and the 110mm film… and this was my first photo:

Credits: le_ors

We all know the Fuji Superia 35mm films, we know the color quality we can get, even when it is expired.

Credits: le_ors

When I started scanning this little negative, I couldn’t believe the quality of the colors I was obtaining, firstly because, as we know, 110mm films don’t have so much image quality, and even less when used with a plastic lens. But, pleasant surprise, the low quality theory disappeared as I saw my results.

Credits: le_ors

Portraits, double expositions, photos taken with movement and I could even take a shot in low light conditions, and sincerely, the results were magnificent. An extra point was the fact that the 200 ASA is a bit more versatile and allowed me to take photos when suddenly it all became cloudy.

Credits: le_ors

In sum, a film that everyone should try = Fuji Superia 200

¡Long life to the 110 film!

written by le_ors on 2013-01-25 #gear #test #review #color #vivid #110mm #fisheye-baby
translated by lintrs

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