Pdexposures.tv Continues: Praktica Versus Soviet Rifle

2013-01-16 2

Pdexposures.tv, the new web show focused on analogue photography premiered last week. Today, new episodes are ready for your viewing pleasure, showing off some of the fun people can have with analogue cameras.

Last week, we brought you the premiere of the new web show pdexposures.tv. Today, the show returns, not with a regular regular camera review, but focusing on the fun aspects of film cameras.

For episode two, Nate and Ben drove into the snow covered mountains of Oregon to see if Praktica cameras really are built like a tank by pitting one up against the Soviet rifle known as the Mosin Nagat.

Check out the other new episode of pdexposures.tv as well in which Nate an Ben try to get you creative juices flowing with a little challenge.

pdexposures.tv is made by Nate Matos and Ben Davis. Originally, pdexposures was started by Nate as an outlet for his work in photography. You might have come across some of his youtube videos in the past in which he discusses different aspects of analogue photography and gives hints and tips.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    I DO NOT LIKE this video. Why destroy a camera in this way? Even a not working camera can be used for spare parts. And a working camera can be donated as a gift to school, to a youth hostel, a children's hospital. There are many poor or unfortunate boys that can have fun with an old camera! Please, no more video like this one... I leave this article with a great sense of sadness.

  2. pdexposures
    pdexposures ·

    Hi Sirio174,

    Thanks for the feedback! There were no spare parts to be had from this camera, and it is an unfortunate reality that in today's world more often than not it is simply not cost effective to fix a camera. Especially a common one such as this. What you don't see in this video is Pdexposures donating working cameras to local high school photography and wet darkroom programs, donating cameras to groups like the Film Photography Project, and saving countless cameras from a trip to the landfill.

    While we love film, film cameras, and the analogue lifestyle we also enjoy having fun! And that is what this video was about!

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