Science!: The Fascinating Similarities Between Cities and Neurons

2013-01-17 2

It’s amazing how the human mind works, both consciously and unconsciously. Just take a look at this side-by-side comparison made by Infinity Imagined, and you’ll understand.

Image via Infinity Imagined

Believe it or not, the source and subject of each pair of photos are completely unrelated as far as scale and scope goes – the photos on the left are snapshots of various cities around the globe taken from the International Space Station, while those on the right are images of neurons captured with fluorescence microscopy.

Image via Infinity Imagined

Despite their differences, the similarities between the two images are a fascinating sight to behold. Obviously, we cannot see something as microscopic as a neuron with the naked eye, in the same manner that we cannot see how an urban area takes form around us, but it’s a complete wonder how they both take up the same form visually.

But then again, looking at their structures logically, it’s only natural.


You can view the whole gallery here.

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  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    This could even be taken further - up to star clusters and super novas >> and maybe even further up to galaxies, etc.

  2. b2377
    b2377 ·

    @mafiosa Yes, I've seen that

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