Straight Photography in Palermo: A Tribute to Walker Evans

2013-01-18 1

This article is a tribute of a master of the Straight Photography: Walker Evans. Walking in Palermo with my Canon Canonet QL17, I took some photos of the capital city of the Sicily similar to the anti-graphic style of the masterpiece book: American Photographs.

For Christmas, I received as a gift, a wonderful book of photography: the masterpiece of Walker Evans, American Photographs. It contains a series of photos taken in the period between the two World Wars, and its style is awesome: it is anti-graphic and anti-pictorial.

The most important character of its photos is the purity, a true straight photography, without baroque or decorative details. Another important detail is the absence of the “candid” style of street photography, which often is in search of the “decisive moment”, sensationalizing movement, distorting gestures and emphasizing the human emotions and sentiments.

There is no space for a sense of humour as in Doisneau and Elliot Erwitt. There is not need to dramatize the images with photographic tricks as use of ultra wide angle or unusual point of view. Its photographs are timeless, and its book is one of the most important example to learn photography.

So, walking in Palermo at the beginning of January, I took some photos of the city in an anti-graphic and anti-candid style, a tribute to this great master of photography.

The images are presented in two parts, as in its book. In the first part, there is an interaction between people and photography. There are peoples on the street and in the squares, or there are objects of common use by people and tourists. However, in all these photos, they are represented as ordinary moments, without a decisive moment. In the second part there are some details of the history and culture of Sicily, an island which has Greeks, Arab, and Norman influences. Enjoy!


Credits: sirio174

1. Souvenirs.
2. Drinks and Creams.
3. Watch Repairer Shop.
4. Benches in Politeama Square.
5. Carini Square.
6. A Street in the Vucciria.
7. Christmas Tree in the Vucciria.
8. Ballarò Market.


Credits: sirio174

1. Street Vittorio Emanuele
2. Villa Malfitano
3. Belvedere Garden
4. Pretoria Square
5. Garden of St. John of the Hermits
6. Sculpture in Politeama Square

All these photos are presented here as in the Evans book: without words and with the titles at the end of each part.

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