My Analogue Obsession: City Bikes

2014-03-15 2

Why city bikes? It’s because they are a friendly means of transportation that helps improve fitness, are within the reach of many people, and are beautiful and very photogenic!

I present to you my favorite subject when shooting with Lomo cameras and in analogue in general: the bikes in the city.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot, and thanks to my time in Europe I started this obsession with cycling everyday in the city. With my favorite SLR, the Nikon FM2, I was able to take photos of different colors and with hidden stories that now make up my gallery.

The first were those of Seville where I lived for over a year, where I loved getting lost in the alleys and discover things among people on street corners and parking lots:

Among the many trips I’ve made, the one that really captivated me were my visits to the streets of Amsterdam. They’re full of bicycles covered in snow, just parked along the canals and cobblestone paths (another one of my obsessions which I hope to present in a future article) – making up a perfect scene for the kind of nostalgic photos that I like to shoot.

Then I went to Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, and other cities, going around them and seeing the similarities and differences between these places.

Finally, when I returned to my country Chile, I noticed particularly in Santiago that bicycles are rarely used so I was disappointed at first. But slowly I was able to move in between the fast-moving vehicles so I was still able to continue capturing photos of my obsession.

Because of the number of trips I made and places I’ve been to, I still have a lot of film to develop. Which means that there are still some photos of bikes in film to be showcased! I hope you liked reading about my obsession, and I hope to present to you the other ones I have in the future!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful article!!

  2. martinpruv
    martinpruv ·

    Genial! Yo también tengo como obsesión fotografiar bicicletas, mejor si son antiguas. :)

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