The Tokyo Beatles in Black and White


When you think of the ’60s music revolution in Asia you think “Japan”. With Beatlemania spreading like wildfire, the heat of the summer of 1964 saw the birth of another 4-piece mop-topped Rock and Roll group — Tokyo Beatles. After the jump, delve into the Tokyo scene as photographed by Life Magazine photographer Michael Rougier.

Michael Rougier & Life Pictures/Getty Images

We’re all acquainted with the Liverpudlian Fab Four but our guess is most of you don’t know of their Tokyo counterparts.

Though they’re considered a cover band and have only one album to their name, they, like many other youths around the world sincerely wanted to emulate their love for the new sounds propagated by British Invasion bands, namely the Beatles.

Michael Rougier & Life Pictures/Getty Images

The Black and Whites shown above, more of which you can view here, are outtakes of the final images published in a special LIFE magazine issue on Japan in September 1964.

For a sample of their music, sung in both Japanese and English, check out their rendition of “I Want to Hold Your Hand”.

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Information for this article is taken from LIFE Photos

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