LomoAmigo Juliana Neufeld, Freed By Film!


LomoAmigo Juliana Neufeld is an award winning illustrator and mixed media artist based in Toronto. She recently designed a La Sardina DIY edition for us, and we thought, why not throw another camera in her hands, this time to shoot with! Check out her photos after the jump!

Name: Juliana Neufeld
Occupation: Illustrator
Location: Toronto, Canada

First off, Tell us a bit about yourself! What do you do, what are you interests, etc.

My name is Juliana Neufeld and I’m a full time illustrator based out of Toronto, Canada. I work doing a mix of editorial, children’s illustration and fine art. If I’m not working, I’m biking around the city, drinking a coffee or playing with my cat.

How long have you been a Lomographer (or are you new to this whole thing)?

I’m pretty new to shooting with Lomography! I’m excited for the opportunity to try different Lomography cameras and get creative with film again. I studied photography in university and since then I’ve been using mostly digital, so this will be a welcome return to the medium.

How did you like using the Diana Mini?

I enjoyed it! not knowing exactly how the image is going to turn out is kind of exciting. It frees you to try anything.

Describe the Diana Mini in 5 words.

Freeing, portable, easy, inspires creativity.

You actually designed a La Sardina DIY Edition, which is now on display at the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto. How did you come up with your design and how was that like?

I was inspired by the white canvas of the original camera, so I decided I wanted to do a detailed black and white design. I did a few sketches of the back and front of the camera and then I freehanded a design in pencil based on my sketch but with some improvised changes. Then I filled in the linework with india ink for the finished product. I had a great time with it..I think the camera itself is quite beautiful and I was in such great company with some of the other amazing designs I saw.

Any tips for new Lomographers?

Just experiment! It’s usually the mistakes that end up being some of my best images, so don’t worry about trying to control the process to much.

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For more information on Juliana, check out her website

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