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Only one day since its launch and everyone’s already talking about the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner! Netizens can hardly contain their excitement over the analogue accessory and here’s what they had to say about it. Just in case you needed more convincing. ;-)

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

If you have old negatives and films from the analog camera era which you would like to convert to digital images, you might be interested in an awesome new technology that bridges the gap between old and new.
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Thanks to the advent of Kickstarter, many interesting and innovative products are making the jump from prototype to reality. A new Kickstarter funded project from Lomography is bringing a new twist to analog or “retro” photography.

Thankfully, it’s not another app with a ton of retro filters. It’s a 35mm film scanner designed to be used by your Android or iOS handset. For those of us who shoot film from time to time, this might be a quick alternative to dragging out the film scanner. It might also be a good option for those wanting to get into film without spending too much on gear.
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For anyone who has a few rolls of 35mm sitting around in drawers, this could be a handy, simple way to digitize the shots.
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The Lomography smartphone film scanner is a dream gadget for retro-photographers, analog film buffs, or hey, people like me who have tons of 35mm film negativess and no real way of printing them. The cool part is that it will work with all kinds of 35mm films, from color negative and slides to black and white. Amazing!
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Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Today we have news of a clever gadget called the Lomography Smartphone Scanner that can be used to share 35mm films. The product is promised to offer unrivaled speed and convenience compared to other scanners that are available, and it has been designed by a team of engineers that are experts in analogue photography, as well as having a passion in the field.
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I think one thing that is cool about this is the size. It is tiny and portable, which makes it easy to scan on the move. It will make sharing your images that much easier, especially for the portable generation who now seem to do everything through their phones. And it seems that the pricing should be pretty friendly too… It is going to give a new group of people great access to film and that cannot be a bad thing at all.
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The device is quite rudimentary. This is a light box in which we inserted the film using a control wheel. At the top, a lens and an adapter lets you place the smartphone and go taking pictures of backlit negative. The quality is not bad to be something so simple.

This is actually pretty useful. Using my iPhone I would be able to scan the rolls and edit them and then share the best ones. Not to bad for a quick share while your away. Raw

As you can see, it’s [mostly] portable and works in concert with an iPhone and Android app to let you scan in any old 35mm negatives you may have lying around. The app itself offers a few additional features, like stitching panoramas together and creating multi-frame animations, but its main function remains, simply, to digitize your film.
It seems that Lomography (the company) has been one of the driving forces keeping film photography alive and interesting for the masses.

A sample scan using the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

Check out more first impressions on the smartphone scanner!

Have you pledged allegiance to the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner yet? Head on over to Kickstarter to pre-order your very own smartphone scanner and get some cool Lomography perks with it!

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  1. linkert
    linkert ·

    Really twiched my baguette when I saw this device, fantastic concept. I guess we will have to see if this is released with a gentle pricetag.

    Anyone know of any sample images realeased in full size yet? (taken with iPhone 4 or 5)

  2. denisesanjose
    denisesanjose ·

    @linkert Check out some sample scans here! www.lomography.com/magazine/news/2013/01/14/sample-scans-fr…

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