Photoshoot with Daiyan Trisha Le Mélomane

This is my first photoshoot with a local YouTube artist from Malaysia, Daiyan Trisha. “Quirky, lame, light-hearted with a sense of grace. Full time student, part time singer/songwriter. I aim to be an inspiration.” – Daiyan Trisha

We came about this project in just a random message that I had sent to her in Facebook. It took me about a week to get a reply from her. And I was so excited when she agreed on doing it. At first she was a bit ‘blur’ on what is Lomography is all about.

After that, I started to share Lomography website to her, and showing her off some of my best photos taken with different Lomo cameras. She was then very excited. I promised to give her all the photos and a photobook too. You can take a look at the photobook below.

Basically, I’ve been wanting to start this kind of project for quite sometimes. So, I took the initiative of doing it in this new year, 2013.

We intended to start shooting during the day. But it had to be delayed due to certain circumstances. However, we still had fun and we managed to get some nice shots. LC-A and Holga 120GN are my favourites for the photoshoot. Plus, the films that I had chose to use are Agfa CT Precisa 100 and Kodak TMAX 400 Expired.

Next, it was all started at Jonker Walk, and we had dinner at Calanthe Cafe and last but not least, final shots were at Stadhuys (Red Building), Melaka. It was very challenging of course. Most of the photos were taken with long exposures. So, I had to use tripod for both cameras. But some of the shots, I did handheld too.

We started our project at 6:00PM, ended about 11:30PM approximately. Surely, it was tiring, but the passion and love in Lomography made my friends and I became so determined in finishing this project perfectly. Let me just share the love of LOMOGRAPHY to you guys featuring Daiyan Trisha.

People that were invovled: Me (maduz), Idham Qamil, Mohd Asyraf, Ashikin, Wany, and Daiyan Trisha herself.

Holga 120GN | Kodak TMAX 400 Expired:

LC-A | Agfa CT Precisa 100:

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for Vol.2 soon!

Firdaus Ghazali (Maduz) Project 2013

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