If you Like it then you Should Put a Tiger in it!

2013-01-18 1

Recently I have acquired the adorable Fisheye Baby 110 and with it of course the Lomography Color Tiger 110 film. After a week my film was finished and full of enthusiasm I went and got it developed. I will now share with you the results!

As I am not an experienced Lomographer, it took me some time to finish my roll of film. It took me about a week and a half so I have shot during many parts of the day, from the middle of the day with lots of sunlight or during the night with minimum lighting.
As you expect from a 200 iso film, the shots during the day with bright sunlight turned out the best:

Credits: xgitte

But stubborn as I am and against better judgement, I took some shots during the night too. If your subject can keep still for a while, I would definitely recommend using the B setting on your camera and keep the shutter down for a minimum of 5 seconds:

Credits: xgitte

From the 24 exposures that are possible on the film, I only got out 12 decent ones. I use the word decent, because a lot of them are still underexposed. The other half of my photos were lost because I didn’t expose them enough. So a fair warning: use this film only in bright light and use the B shutter if you are indoors! I would definitely recommend using a camera that has a flash option, as sadly my Fisheye Baby has not.

I’ve read many great reviews about 110 film and the 110 cameras, and I agree: it really is a convenient little camera and most of the time I take it with me rather than bring a bulky heavy camera in my bag. It is great for snapping pictures of those unique moments that you often can’t capture because they go by too fast.
But honestly: if you want to take great, clear pictures, with depth, this is not the film to go. In many of my pictures, you can see grain and little specs that take away the beauty of the moment. Most of my pictures are also kind of blurry. I don’t know if it’s the films fault or the fact that it is hard to steady my camera (the camera is so tiny and it’s difficult to keep from shaking it). Also I find that a lot of detail is lost when taking a picture, probably due to the blurriness.

Credits: xgitte

Another aspect of 110 film is getting it developed. If you are someone who immediately wants to see the results, you either got to have a great photo lab or either develop it at home. The photo lab I went to had no trouble developing it, it just took a lot of time until I could see the results (9 days). Since the costs can be quite high, I prefer to scan my film myself. There are ways to do this without a 110 mask, but if you really want to get the most out of your film, I would recommend the 110 Digitiliza scan mask. It just gets better results without you having to mess around.

Credits: xgitte

My overall feeling about 110 film is that is great and easy to use. It’s a bit troublesome to get developed and scanned and you may not always get the best pictures, but for quick random snaps it’s great and you can take it with you everywhere you go. And if your film is done, you can just as easily load a new roll.

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  1. nenita93639
    nenita93639 ·

    Thank you for posting this! I've been going crazy looking to see how best to take pictures with my Baby Fishy, indoors! This article was a huge help! Thank you again! ^.^

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