My 2013 Analogue Bucket List: Get the Lubitel 166+ Into My Hands

2013-01-22 2

I do not want to make a long inventory of things that may just be too unrealistic for me to achieve in a year. I have already written my analogue resolution and I am determined to honor my commitment. I still have a life outside Lomography and would not want to spread myself too thinly with this additional target. Okay, I know you will argue that lomography is not an interference in life but a part of it. What lomo rule number is that? Okay, you’re right, it’s number 3 and I agree. Suspend your judgment on me but I just have to keep my feet on the ground. For my 2013 bucket list, my eyes will be set solely on finally having a Lubitel 166+, a dream camera that has long been in my wishlist.

Credits: lakandula

I already have the old Lubitel 166 U. I bought it second-hand from another lomographer and have taken some wonderful shots with it. That’s why I wish to take my Lubitel adventure to a next level – a Lubitel 166+ that will allow the same features as the U but with expanded capacities for limitless creative possibilities. Check out the Lubitel 166++ and tell me if you are not also tempted.

Medium format is great but to be honest, 120 films are expensive and harder to find than the 35mm films. To be able to shift from one format to the other will be cool. Shooting 35mm with sprocket holes and sharper lens is also positively insane!

Now, how do I plan to achieve my goal? At the moment projects don’t come as often as before so budget is tight. Spending my hard-earned limited cash will be out of the question. So, I plan to rely on piggies. I just have to muster the will to write more articles. I will gamble my luck by joining rumbles too. Hopefully, the lomo gods, wherever they may be in lomo Olympus, will be on my side and grant my simple it’s-that-too-much-to-ask-for bucket wish. Having the Lubitel 166+ for Christmas will be great and I can wait twelve long months. Actually, I don’t mind if I get it earlier for my birthday come November or middle of the year. Hey, early this year won’t be a bad idea either.

Credits: lakandula

If somebody out there will be a generous angel to me and liberate me from the stress of having to write countless articles and risk so many rumbles for lust for piggies, I do believe kindness returns a thousand-fold. A gift of second-hand but fully functional Lubitel 166+ will also be most welcome.

Well, it would not hurt to also get a Lomo LC-Wide if I get more passionate, right? Anyway, there can be room for another one in my bucket of wishes.

Also, just so you know, don’t rely on Santa to deliver your wishes for next Christmas as I plan to kidnap him in case all actions fail. Ho ho ho ho! Have a very analogue 2013!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I want Lubitel+ too this year! :D

  2. lakandula
    lakandula ·

    Just an update! I now have my own Lubitel 166+ delivered last Friday thanks to the piggies I earned and the 25% discount offer. I essentially paid only $12.25 online which basically accounted for the tax and shipping. But since importation is subject to customs tax, I paid around P3400 ($82) upon delivery of the huge package at home. Still not bad for getting a $349 spanking brandnew Lubi. Now, I think I should sell my old Lubi 166U to someone who may be interested in exploring this medium format wonder Thanks LSI. Now I should be writing hundreds of articles to start earning piggies for an LC-Wide.

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