Interview with JASON ARCHER from DWT Austin

Austinite and accomplished artist Jason Archer charmed us with his custom Diana clone during Diana World Tour! We recently spoke with him about the inspiration for his work, and he dropped some insight on us about the inner-workings of his brain!

Jason Archer, photo from

Jason Archer
Travis Heights, Austin, Texas

Jason Archer is an American visual artist. He studied Art Direction at the University of Texas at Austin and worked as an Animator on the feature film Waking Life. He directed music videos for David Byrne, White Denim and Juanes. Awards include an MTV Video of the Year Award, and the Latin Grammy Award for Best Music Video for Molotov’s Frijolero. Jason is a published illustrator with the Austin American Statesman, teaches with the School of Art and Design at Texas State University, and produces Frank Public Art, a rotating mural project in downtown Austin, TX.

How are you!?
Doing well, thanks.

What was your favorite part of the Diana World Tour in Austin?
It was all quite enjoyable, the photos, the old cameras and the sculptures were all cool.

Archer’s custom Diana clone, featuring his character Butterscotch.

Butterscotch is a quintessential Jason Archer character… how did Butterscotch come to be?
Butterscotch is an alter ego, and somewhat autobiographical. He was created along with the other characters of Jesus Cornbread & the Alcoholics as a way to stay in touch with old friends. The characters are loosely based on friends I’ve known for years, and by including them in drawings is a way for us all to stay connected.

Jesus Cornbread & The Alcoholics by Jason Archer!

What elements of Austin (or Texas in general) inspire your work?
All of it really, the music, politics, art, university, hill country, people, the food. Every bit of Austin has had some influence on my work.

If you only had one day/night in Austin, how would you spend your time?
Tough question. I’d rent a large boat on town lake at night and invite my friends to have dinner on the water with Chef Tyson Cole making sushi for us all.

Photo by warning

What is the most exciting thing that you are working on right now?
Camp Capitol Hill was fun to create, and right now there are some new animations and paintings being made that will be released during EAST that I’m looking forward to.

Of all the mediums that you work in, which are you most interested in right now? What kinds of materials are you drawn to?
Honestly, I enjoy it all. Being submersed in one medium too long can get old. I like multimedia work where you can explore a little bit of everything.

Any particular influences that helped define/inspire your aesthetic?
Bugs Bunny was a big influence on me.

What’s the oddest, or most difficult, request you’ve ever gotten from a client?
Nothing really seems that odd anymore, however someone asking me to endorse Mitt Romney might be odd.

If you could only draw one thing forever, what would it be?
Nude women or baby pandas.

Photo by ferbii

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