My Analogue Resolutions for Getting Better at Analogue


A new year has come, and some new resolutions have been made. I hope everything becomes better this year, and also that I get better at shooting analogue.

Credits: arydwiaji

1. Have better analogue photography skills.

I must learn much to become a great analogue photographer. I must learn how to set the right aperture, focus the camera correctly, play with light, develop better composition, deal with the cameras’ parallax, and many other things that I’m not yet good enough with. So this year, I will keep practicing, keep trying, and learning from previous experiences, and also ask or learn from those around me who know more about analogue photography.

Credits: arydwiaji

2. Write better articles.

Photography, especially Lomography, is not just about taking good photographs using your camera, but it’s about getting inspired while also inspiring others. It’s also about telling the story and experience behind every photo. All of them can be realized by writing. How you write your story and tell your experiences can inspire everyone that reads it. So, I really want to become better in writing articles for Lomography.

Credits: arydwiaji

3. Have more and better experiences; experiment more.

Analogue photography is like science; there are many things that can be tried and explored. Each film can produce different pictures in the end, and you still can explore it more. Every place you visit and take some pictures of teaches you something new and lets you see something wonderful that perhaps you’ve never seen before. Taking a picture of it can become a great experience that is priceless. So, I hope this year I get to have many experiences and try many experiments in analogue photography.

Those are my resolutions. How about you guys?

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