EBX Failure. Oh My Eyes!

2013-01-17 8

This is my second trial using this legendary film that is “Kodak Elite Chrome Extra Color” (EBX)

My first trial using this film was also a failure. It comes out too bright which means overexposed. That time i used Russian FED 5 and i set the ISO 100 (Original from box) and most of my shots came out overexposed, but some of them are good enough. These are some of the examples of my first trial:

And this are considered good shot (I think):

Then my second trial I shot it rated as ISO 200 because I’ve read that EBX needs to be underexposed a bit due to the overexposing rate is high. It became worse than before. I have tried using the same rate and shot it indoors but it still the same. I’m using Nikon F65 AF SLR. Here some shots of that:

Dear friends, please help me. I’m already afraid using every slide film….

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  1. caribe93
    caribe93 ·

    Help me pls

  2. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    I think it'll be to much constraints to consider, have you shot ebx with LC-A+?

  3. caribe93
    caribe93 ·

    Nope. Icant afford for that camera.. I've heard that ebx must be pull the iso?? Is that right?

  4. maduz
    maduz ·

    no. not really. mybe you didn't get your exposure metering right. but LC-A + EBX is just awesome! :D

  5. caribe93
    caribe93 ·

    wish could had one..hehe

  6. imbaaa
    imbaaa ·

    check this! kodak ebx + lc-a+ crossed! -> www.lomography.com/homes/imbaaa/albums/1887464-lc-a-plus-el…

    with ISO 100!

  7. caribe93
    caribe93 ·

    maybe my FED miscalculate..heh

  8. moseslau1988
    moseslau1988 ·

    FED Light meter is old and inaccurate so don't trust it, For me i use my mobile app for my light meter reading and it work well for me.

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