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It stays mysterious, the people ‘behind’ Lomography. Who actually edits the sent in pieces on And who translates their butts off in trade for loads of piggies? During this series, Dutch Lomography Magazine editors and translators will be with their trousers down.

Credits: stratski

Vital statistics

How they call me – Maaike
My LomoHomestratski
My home is in – Amersfoort
Years young – 36 is the even newer 24
My general leisure activities – I am an office editor at an educational publisher, where I take care of the department for computer books. Next to that, I spend a lot of time in trains, in pop halls and in cinemas.

First challenge – describe yourself in 3 sentences, including your life motto
I am a jack-of-all-trades: from setting up small websites to knitting sweaters and reconstructing cameras, as long as there can be diddled I am happy. If I can’t diddle at some point, walking, cycling or sitting at a nice place also makes me happy.

When and how did you become a Lomographer?
That was many years ago when I ordered free film with developing included on Recently, I actually bumped into those photos again. On my LomoHome’s first version, there could only be uploaded small sized photos and squared or upright photos were quite inconvenient. Let’s not even bring up panoramas…
The current website is so much better!

What are your three favorite photos and why?
I almost never succeed in making a decent picture of my boyfriend, because he always dives away. In this picture, he was so busy playing guitar that I actually was able to make a picture unnoticed.

Credits: stratski

This experiment took three months and I am still surprised that it worked out this good. It is a pinhole photo with an exposure time of a couple of months. The stripes in the air are made by the sun, that stood a little higher in the sky everyday.

Credits: stratski

This picture is blurred and there is a weird stripe running through the picture but despite this, this is still one of my favorites. My guy on a boulder in Greenland. In some way, this picture is the ultimate summary of that holiday.

Credits: stratski

Which things are always in your bag when you go out of doors?
A book for when in the train and a camera for outside the train.

Which camera you would suggest everyone?
The Olympus XA: a very good lens and has more or less all the functions/features (except for MX) that a Lomo LC-A has, but than way cheaper

And what film?
Redscale! Handmade or from the shop, it doesn’t matter. Nice and light, that will make it beautifully sepia or less light if you prefer somewhat more fierce photos.

Credits: stratski

Why do you write/translate fanatically for Lomography?
At work I am constantly fiddling in someone else’s work. It is nice to also be able to have my own say (and to even get piggies for it in return). It is also very good for your ego to get likes on your homemade article.

What are your three most favorite articles in the Dutch Lomography magazine and why?
1) Irregularities on the Fotografica fair in Nieuwegein – because after reading it I thought: shit, I really wanted to be there!
2) “New season, new outfit. Give your Kiev 4 a new jacket” – This gave me the idea to use wallpaper as a new upholstery for my Reflecta.
3) Bombay Show Pig takes the stage in Paradiso – Because there are jealous making concert photos in it.

Which lomograph should we follow and why?
ohpleasedontgo, because she makes amazingly beautiful photos. Panoramas, doubles, x pro-things, black and white, they’re all just as pretty. I can’t stick around and watch it too long, otherwise I get way too jealous.

What is your advice/suggestion/comment to all lomographs who are reading this?
Keep experimenting. Take apart an (old) camera some time, make a pinhole camera, try new sorts of films.

Credits: stratski

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translated by mrnttt

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    @stratski I agree with your comments about the Olympus XA. I am finding it more and more indispensable and it keeps finding its way in my bag now.

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