Ferropolis Steel or What?


Ferropolis, which is situated near Dessau and also called “the city made of steel”, is a former mining area. Today, a lake, huge mining machines and a concert arena await the visitors.

Once, workers mined brown coal in a surface mining area near Dessau in the eastern part of Germany. Today, this area called “Ferropolis” is an awesome location for concerts but also for recreation and, of course, taking pictures.

After closing the mining area the huge hole in the ground was flooded in 2000 which resulted in the formation of the Gremmin lake next to the little town Graefenhainichen. A peninsula stayed which houses today huge bucket wheels. The big machines have names, such as Mad Max, Medusa, Mosquito or Gemini. Visitors can even climb some of them. They surround an arena where concerts happen regularly. For example, each year the “Melt!” festival takes place there. Then, the bucket wheels are illuminated with different colours which is really amazing to look at.

There is also a little museum about the former mining technology. Moreover, you can have a refreshing bath in the lake.

When you go by car from the Dessau direction you can’t miss the area as there are a lot of information signs which lead you to Ferropolis. And I recommend you to take the car as it is difficult to get there by public transport. However, when the concert is over there will be probably a huge chaos because everyone wants to get off the huge parking lot, as it happened when I attended a concert at Ferropolis.


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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Yaaa ! I love Mad Max ! Cool machines N°2 is crazy !

  2. rater
    rater ·

    Wow, this place looks amazing with your Holga shots! Good stuff!

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