New Year Celebrations: Double the Love with Double Exposures

2013-01-18 2

My year-end celebrations this year was accompanied by the La Sardina Grand Cru, and what does two separate gatherings with one roll of film and one camera give you? Two parties fused into one! Also, rules #5 and #7 — ‘Get close’ and ‘Be fast’, were the mantra for shooting during celebrations!

I brought the La Sardina with me to the first gathering, and ran a roll of the Lomo Xpro Chrome 100, one of my favorite slide films which unfortunately is not being produced anymore. It was an indoor setting and I knew I needed Fritz the Blitz — it blew me away by the shots it illuminated, so powerful that I was almost concerned that my shots would turn out overexposed. Upon finishing the roll, I decided to rewind and run the roll a second time, bringing to the second gathering, and I didn’t know what to expect. The results took me by surprise, and it now is one of my favorite rolls I’ve shot because of its quirkiness.

Here are some of the doubles:

Credits: myloft

On hindsight, Fritz the Blitz played a huge role for the above double exposures — shooting close up (Lomo Rule #5!) indoors with the flash illuminated my subjects and completely blacked out the surroundings, providing black areas and shadows that allowed the details of the second shots to surface!

What I love to photograph the most are people around me and their candidness, something I had shared in another article about analogue smiles. This means I have to be FAST, another important Lomo Rule #7 that I keep to. Gatherings always come with lots of laughter, weird expressions and people being their odd selves. Here are some shots from a couple more rolls — I know I have to be fast or I’ll miss those moments!

She exclaimed (after I told her the La Sardina comes with wide lens) : “WILL IT MAKE MY FACE VERY WIDE” and then the picture unfolds.
Her again, interrogating me about my oh-so-pretty-and-intriguing Grand Cru.
This is love.
Getting confused with yoga versus b-boying
No they weren’t posing, they were showing off
I haven’t gone crazy bouncing on hotel beds in a long while…

I would love to read about your new year celebrations on film too!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    haha great fun shots!

  2. myloft
    myloft ·

    @adi_totp hahaha they were such fun to capture as well :) ;pve catching people by surprise

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