A Weird Night Out in Portland, OR


Holocene, Shuffleboard, Bikes and Tambourine – Portland, OR
A night of music and delirium in the weirdest city in the U.S.

“Keep Portland Weird” – you will see this slogan slapped on bumpers, bikes, helmets, bags and bodies all around the city. And of course the slogan pertains to the nightlife of the city as well. My night of music and delirium in Portland is more of a journey than a destination, it would have been too hard to nail down one place of interest and I believe that an adventure involving music and delirium is a better representation of Portland’s hotspot(s) than anything.

For this adventure we started off the night decorating our faces with paint and eyes – very Portland. Then we got on our bikes (again a Portland thing) and toured over to Holocene a very hip and fun bar in Portland. This bar even has a photo booth inside – does it get any better than this? We caught some great music but when the show stops you have to keep the night going, so a great thing to do is play shuffleboard! My favorite bar game next to Skee ball! After a few rounds you take the posse home by bike and play a few sets of music in your backyard. Really, this is a typical night Portland Style – filled with music and delirium.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Super ! And you really captured the weirdness !

  2. zoe191
    zoe191 ·


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