Bridgetown, USA - aka Portland, OR


They don’t call Portland ‘Bridgetown’ for nothing!

Portland is known as Bridgetown, Beervana, Stumptown, Ptown….well the list goes on and on. The true Jewels of the City are the 12 major bridges that run into and out of this wonderful city. I decided to attempt to capture a few of these bridges at their most vulnerable time….at 5:30am when their visitors include cyclist, runners and the near full moon. The architecture of the bridges are widely admired and the fact that Portland has a major river running through it (Willamette) means it is a great city for urban kayaking, running, fishing and well, excuse the pun but ‘boat loads’ of fun. I captured a few shots of the St. John’s Bridge, the Broadway Bridge, the Hawthorne Bridge, and the Steel Bridge. The bridges listed above are some of the main arteries of Portland and avenues that I frequently use to cycle into downtown.

For the Jewels of the City I also decided to include the Portland Theater a famous landmark of downtown Portland. At night the sign for the Theater pretty much represents Portland in all its glory.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    5:30am ! That's what I call lomo-dedication ! Super shots !

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