My Plans for 2013: A Bucket List


Everyone makes plans for the new year, and I’m not an exception. Let me introduce you my bucket list for 2013.

Credits: bongofury

There are some things I want try/do in terms of lomography/photography:

1. Buy a proper scanner and a hammer.

Credits: bongofury

Do something about my scanner, it’s a pain in the ass, I really need a new one. The hammer? It will be used to destroy the old scanner.

2. Become a Lab Rat.

Credits: bongofury

There are a lot of things I want to try such as putting some film on washing machine, dip films in several liquids, and one thing I really want to do is wet plate photography.

3. Build a darkroom.

To become a Lab Rat, I also need to build a darkroom, and 2013 will be the year I build mine and finally put my old enlarger to work.

4. Be a better lomographer.

Credits: bongofury

Spend more time around, be more involved in the site with more likes and comments, and also enter in more competitions. Maybe this year, I will be awarded the Photo of the Day! I’m a community member for some time and I miss this prize.

5. Give more attention to my cameras.

Credits: bongofury

I have several cameras and I should use them more instead using always the same two or three.

There you have it, my major plans for 2013! Why don’t you tell me about yours?

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