La Sardina & Fritz The Blitz / Copernicus - My New Baby

2013-01-24 2

When I pulled out La Sardina Copernicus from it’s box I was incredibly excited to be holding such an amazing camera. I had some knowledge of what kind of photos it takes from other Lomographers, but it was not possible to know what it can do before I took photos with it. I still don’t know it’s limits even though I went through more than 15 films by now. La Sardina is filled with surprises.

“La Sardina”s always attracted me whether it be with it’s style or the photos it takes. I knew I had to get it when La Sardina’s Copernicus design came out, the design I was waiting for so long. I had lots of piggy points in my account so I ordered my La Sardina for a lot less than it was.

Credits: ruyatuna

When I got it I was thrilled. The map designs that explained Copernicus’ sun based theories looked a lot better than the way they looked in the pictures. I put my first film in immediately and went outside. La Sardina is the fastest and the easiest camera I have ever used. Putting the film in, rolling it, taking it out is faster than in any other camera. That’s why it is really easy to shoot back to back. I think La Sardina was created to capture the moment. With my La Sardina that I put in front of my friends’ faces I can take beautiful photos, when I shoot with mx mode I can do multiple exposures.

Credits: ruyatuna

Don’t think that because it’s so fast it cannot function like an outstanding camera. The photo quality of La Sardina cannot be compared to it’s likes. With different films you can create very different styles. I love creating a bit dark and fuzzy romantic photos with especially high ISO. It’s really fun to get shapes on photos with the masks I put in before I get the film in.

Credits: ruyatuna

Plus this amazing camera came with a Fritz The Blitz flash that I can use more creatively. It’s the best flash I have ever used so far. Some reasons that made me fall in love with Fritz The Blitz are that fact that it has colored filters and ability to control distance. By getting the distance setting to the closest and putting on the white filter I can shoot a picture of myself and this flash can shoot a landscape with a different setting. I love having an option like this.

Credits: ruyatuna

It’s a lot of fun to do coloring with light with Fritz The Blitz flash. After I flash with one of the filters I choose I turn my La Sardina around the light source. Only thing I need to do is to get my camera on b mode.

Credits: ruyatuna

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translated by angie6


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    makaleleri çeviren hep ben olurdum, birinin benimkini çevirmesi tuhaf bir hismiş çok güzel olmuş ellerine sağlık:) @angie6

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    teşekkür ederim :)

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