Castle of St John and Museum of Underwater Archaeology


When you approach Bodrum, either from land or sea, the castle lies in front in all its glory.

Bodrum Castle was built by the knights of the hospital of St. John of Rhodes, on an island that was later connected to land, on remains of other smaller castles which were probably built in 110 BC. The castle dates back to 15th century, with a squareish layout of 180×185 meters. There are 5 main towers, a gothic chapel and 14 cisterns to collect rainwater. You pass through seven doors to get in, and you can see knights’ coat of arms and carved reliefs on top of entrances and tower walls.

The castle has an interesting history having been used by the knights and later the Ottoman empire, withstanding many sieges. Also, parts of Mausoleum of Mausolos (one of the ancient seen wonders) have been used to fortify the castle. Today, it houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, where you can see the artifacts taken out from ancient shipwrecks in the area, as well as the statues, reliefs among other things… (One of the halls has a sign which states that the museum is not underwater, for many people have misunderstood the name ‘underwater archaeology’.)

The museum is open everyday except Monday, some parts of the museum like the Carian Princess hall and the Glasswreck hall are only open three days a week, so you would have to make sure that they are open the day of your visit beforehand. It is easy to navigate in the castle but there’s always something you’ve missed out before that you’d find interesting. It was probably my 7 or 8th visit since my childhood, and every time, I wish I was able to see more of the towers, the dungeon and other parts of the castle that are closed for visit.

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