The Lomo LC-A Holster


This is how i roll with my Lomo LC-A … with my customised holster!

Ok, so the thing i always wished my Lomo LC-A had was a neck strap, or something that i can attach to myself, allowing me to have 2 hands free, and then whenever i want to take a shot, i want the Lomo LC-A to be near by. I used to use the Hipshot bag and that was good for it, but say, for instance, I wanted a Fisheye lens on my Lomo LC-A, and saw something i wanted to shoot, i would have to unzip the bag, attach the lens and finally take my shot….Also the wrist strap that comes with the Lomo LC-A broke on mine, so i wanted something a bit more secure.

So i developed the Lomo LC-A Holster!!!!! (it took me 2 or 3 prototypes to perfect it, but i’m real happy with this one, and use it every time i’m out shooting)…

So – here’s what you need….

  • Lomo LC-A
  • One of those really useful hook things that come in handy for everything and can be bought at markets/travel shops for real cheap (can’t think of what they’re called – but u will see it in my pictures)
  • The ring part from a keyring
  • And some kind of strap…(the one in this picture has a fastener allowing me to do it up, or undo it, easily)

First, you add the circular ring from a key ring to your LC-A’s ‘strap harness’ thing. As u can see in the picture, i attached it to the secure part of my wrist strap. Note that the wrist strap i use is from the POP 9 camera, as i find it more secure than the original LC-A strap.

Then you put your hook/keyring thing (that i cant remember the name of) through your strap, and then again through the Circular ring that you have just attached to your LC-A.

The neat this with using this type of harness is that any lens that you add onto your LC-A, you can also attach onto the Harness (check picture for details), so if you’re walking along, with your LC-A at your side, and the lens falls off the camera, the harness makes sure that it doesn’t fall to the ground. I also attach lens caps (if they have a strap – for instance, the wide angle lens) to the harness so if it falls i don’t lose it.

And then you just Holster yourself up!

And Robert’s your mothers brother! U have a LC-A Holster.

Now go and enjoy the freedom of being able to do whatever you do in your day – to – day life, whilst having your LC-A (along with any lens/flash etc) at your side and ready to shot instantly!

That was all kinda badly explained but its a really straight forward contraption. Just look at the pics and you can work it out!

written by dannyfresh on 2009-12-24 #gear #tutorials #tipster #strap #lomo-lc-a #holder #holster


  1. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    Good idea. First week I owned my LCA I dropped it on a hard floor and never want to feel that horror again.

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Simple and efficient !

  3. lechampiondumonde
    lechampiondumonde ·

    Great idea. I've put together a larger version for my SLR as well. A company called Black Rapid actually makes and sells their own design as well.

  4. carmenism
    carmenism ·

    Robert's your mother's brother. Hahah.... Nicely written article!

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