Some of Revolog's Favorite Photos Taken With Their Film

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Who doesn’t love to experiment with different cameras and films? We do and so do our friends at Revolog. And when I write friends I mean it – I have known Hanna, one of their founders, for years now, have fond memories of the Revolog launch party and she is the trusted caretaker of my Horizon Perfekt. Find some of Hanna and Michael’s favorite shots taken with Revolog film in this article!

Films used: Kolor (1), 460nm (2), 600nm (3), 600nm (4), Kolor (5), Lazer (6), Rasp (7), Streak (8), Tesla 1 (9), Tesla 2 (10), Texture (11) and Volvox (12)

So what is Revolog? Revolog produces special effect films for analog photographic cameras. Every film is handmade. Currently they sell ten different effect films, but are planning to ongoingly enlarge their stock. Check out their website at, follow them on Tumblr and buy their films in their online shop.

What are you favorite cameras in general? And what Lomographic cameras did you use?
It’s hard to choose a favorite camera, but we often use a Nikon F100 or a Minolta XG-1 if we want to use a SLR camera. The Lomographic cameras that we used were a Horizon perfect (actually the one you were so nice to lend us) and a Diana Mini. Both are really fun to use and the Diana Mini is just the perfect camera to take on the beach. People won’t steal it, it doesn’t matter if it gets a little bit wet or sandy and the pictures turn out great! Also people usually don’t believe that it’s an actual working camera and therefore it’s also great for street photography. We also own a Diana F+, but as we don’t have a 35mm back we haven’t tried out any of our films with it yet. Your new Belair X 6-12 looks awesome as well, we’d love to try it out sometime in the future!


We know this is tough and you won’t be able to answer this: but what is your favorite Revolog film?
We both very like the Kolor and 600nm film very much, but as you said, it’s quite hard to choose. Every one of our films has some special qualities, the Texture film can look amazing on landscapes, the Tesla films are in general a lot of fun. But the truth is, we just love all of them.

Any special tips you have for using your films? Are there any common beginner mistakes you can think of?
The one film that can be a bit tricky for beginnners is the Texture film, as, with all of our films, the effect gets stronger when underexposing and this can lead to the effect being too overwhelming in the picture. So the Texture film will work best in outside situations or when using a flash.


Thanks to both for sharing their photos with us and again: check out their website

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  1. istionojr
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    I like how revolog contributes to film photography.

  2. fizzynothing
    fizzynothing ·

    I love the results revolog produce. Just wish I had enough money to pay for the shipping charges.

  3. 134340
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    i wanna try this films someday!

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