How to Be a Disco Diva


Can you dance, jive, and/or have the time of your life? If you’ve got two left feet, let this vintage instructional teach you how to slay it on the dance floor with killer moves like The Mashed Potato, The Bug, and The Hitchhiker. You’ll be boogie-ing along to John Travolta’s sweet steps in no time!

Photos via The Sun and These Americans

Sometimes, it’s really not as easy as 1, 2, 3. Not everyone is blessed with terpsichorean grace and groove, but luckily, someone is here to help you gain confidence for tearing up the dance floor!

Dick Blake wrote Discotheque Dances in the 1960’s as an instructional for those who were rhythmless, motionless, or just plain clueless about shaking their booties. For only $1, you could master electric dance moves and be the envy of all the other wallflowers.

Photos via Dailymail

With moves like The Swim, The Hitchhiker, and The Shampoo, it’s almost as if he were teaching you how to dance and travel! Don’t forget The Mashed Potatoes and The Jerk—certified solid dance moves and staple dinner dishes!

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