Want To Score Online Shop Discounts? You Should Be Dancing, Yeah!


Got two left feet? Nonsense! Our new game will make you do the disco in no time. The Discount Disco offers you the chance to exciting discounts – just hit the Play button, and a photo will dance its way across the board to land on a square. If you’re lucky, you’ll unlock an Online Shop discount. If not, you can play as many times as you want – good luck and have fun!

For inspiration, this disco-gallery will surely entice you to do the boogie. Put your dancing shoes on and play the Discount Disco!

Credits: warning, fabyen, fayeusokoi, elvismartinezsmith, natalieerachel, superlighter, sirseimo, drumfire, kazarareta & peropero

written by shhquiet on 2013-01-12 #news #gallery #offer #game #disco #discount #discount-disco

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