The Classic Wide Self-Portraits

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Every lomographer has done it self-portraits! This self-portraits thing is like a habit, like, when you’re holding your camera and suddenly you get that itch to shoot yourself. It’s sort of like a way to express yourself. It could be something like, say, a happy smile or a sad face, but documenting those facial expressions daily is something challenging yet fun!

The Classic Wide Self Portraits

The Classic Wide Self-Portraits is like a side project from my other project. At first, I was just trying to measure how close is the focus distance of my brand new LC-Wide (at that time it was still brand new!).

The very first classic wide self-portrait!

After seeing the result I got back from the photo lab then I scanned it. Bam! There’s that self-portrait above! It’s funny! I was like this person with such long hands doing selfies. I guess that’s the power of LC-Wide!

Ukulele and me!

The beginning of this project was just to show my face everyday. This idea began when I separate these self-portraits aside from my monthly project which is “The Wide Diary” but more of that later.

The beginning of this project

I usually do this kind of self-portraits during daytime when the sun is still up. I decided not to use any flash. I want to document my face expression in the simplest way! My face when I woke up in the morning, my face before going to shower, my face after shower and all that daily activity.

Same place same face!

The idea of the same place and same face is really something not on purpose. I took these self portraits near a big window where the sunlight shines and I just set the ISO to 200 but sometimes to 100 if the sunlight is weak. The face is my “straight face” face but sometime I smiled especially on doubles, oh yeah “The Classic Wide Self Portraits” sometimes featured on my film swap with others. Here’s an example!

The Classic Wide Self Portraits on film swaps!

Beside film swap, I also featured the very famous “Goonies Mask” by goonies

Goonies mask!

…and this mask too from Liza.

I’m number 2!

Recently, I uploaded the whole Classic Wide Self-Portraits album on my LomoHome. You can check it out! Leyre told me, “Why don’t you make a video with all the pictures?” I really think that is a great idea! Will do it the near future!

Doing these self-portraits is really fun! You really should try it!

Credits: adi_totp

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    Here's the video of The Classic Wide Self Portraits…

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    I missed this, cool!!!

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    @goonies thank you,Mario!!! :D

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