New Year Celebrations on Film: Welcome, 2013!


As 2012 was about to end, I decided go to Jakarta and visit my girlfriend because we decided to celebrate the new year there. Last year, we celebrated it in Bandung so we kind of started taking turns where to celebrate. Jakarta is indeed a great metropolitan city and there’s no surprise about it because it’s Indonesia’s capital city. New year celebration in Jakarta? Why not?


To know that it was December 31 2012 gives a feeling of “Yeah! Welcome to the new year!” and “Ahh, goodbye 2012.” I must admit that 2012 was really a great year for me personally and I must welcome the new year with open arms. “Before that, why not celebrate the new year first?” I was thinking to myself. My girlfriend had plans for celebrating the new year.

Rizka’s family members

After taking a quick stroll through the rainy streets of Jakarta, my girlfriend, her sister, and I went to her aunt’s house. There we sort of celebrated new year earlier because my girlfriend’s big family members were in the house and there was plenty of delicious food! Food and drinks to celebrate this new year seems nice, plus we gather around to play some board games. Yes, it’s a family quality time!

Early new year celebration!

The time struck to 9 PM on this rarely cold night in Jakarta, and we decided to move the celebration to a nice place to drink and just relax. This place is really perfect I must say, it’s a quiet place with good food, great drinks, and very nice atmosphere; plus, it’s far from the typical hustle bustle of new year’s eve in Jakarta so we could really enjoy ourselves.

Waiting for 2013!

As we talked about everything and enjoyed our drinks, my girl texted me “I just ordered a cake for Winda!” Yes! That night, Winda, my girlfriend’s little sister, celebrated her birthday! Exactly on January 1st! But I forgot how old she is. Suddenly, while I was looking outside the window, there were FIREWORKS! It’s new year already! I guess I didn’t take a look at my own watch!


I nearly forgot at that time to say happy birthday to Winda, the birthday girl!

Happy birthday,Winda!

That night we celebrated two great events! First, obviously, the new year, and second, Winda’s birthday. It’s a great time to start the new year and I feel so happy!


I’ll take this momentum to start a hopefully great new year ahead! Welcome, 2013!


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