My Analogue Aspirations in 2013


While completing his analogue resolutions, a one-year old lomo baby is telling everyone his aspirations! Take a look at what he wants to achieve for his analogue 2013!

Credits: an_lai_drew

Last year, I visited South Korea in September for a study trip, which marked a meaningful stamp in my passport. In October, I attended the very first concert in my life. It was titled ’As We Walk By" by Taiwanese famous band Sodagreen. On the very last day of 2012, I won a Diana F+ from the local Lomography Gallery Store. In the fresh 2013, I wish that I could fulfill my aspirations with the companion of my lovely analogue collections.

Aspiration #1: Creating portraits as gifts with my Diana F+

Last December, I have shot an album titled “Pre-wedding album” for my friends as their Christmas Gift. That is one of the best experiences I have gained in my one-year Lomo History. In 2013, I hope I could produce more portraits as gifts for my best friends and family I cherish the most in this world, with the famous squarish frame of Diana F+.

Photos from the “Pre-Wedding Album”

Aspiration #2: Travel to an island or a village with La Sardina

It was a lot of fun last year travelling to Korea with La Sardina. Its wide angle is capable of capturing the scenic views without a finger-lift effort. This year, I wish I could travel to an island or village I have never been, to enjoy some quality personal time, without any disturbance of reports and assignments, indulging myself into the beautiful landscape, enjoying the breeze kissing my face.

Aspiration #3: Attend a concert with Olympus Trip 35

I had always thought that concert was not as worth as it is before my last year’s concert experience. This year, I wish I could attend at least one concert. If by then I haven’t gotten my Lomo LC-A+, I would probably bring along my vintage Olympus trip 35 with me while enjoying myself in the musical feast, as it is good night time and indoor camera.

Credits: an_lai_drew

Aspiration #4: Add a Lomo LC-A+ into my collection

Yes, I really wish that I could add this legendary lomo camera in my collection. There is nothing much to explain about the reasons why I want it so badly. LC-Wide too is attractive. While considering the ‘Legendary Index’, I still love the LC-A more.

Credits: antonelli, dabai, anarchy, djmusician & tyler_durden

Aspiration #5: To be a recognized Lomographer

It maybe sounded too far-fetched, being titled as the ‘top lomographer’, is definitely wishful thinking. My wish is just to be humble lomographer that brings joy and love to people around me and hopefully eventually they remember as the analogue-enthusiast-photographer.

I hope this article would lit some aspirations to of the readers. List it down and work for it!

Cheers, fellow Lomographers!

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