Bozburun, Marmaris


The town that shares its name with the peninsula.

To the south of Datca peninsula, lies Bozburun peninsula, which hosts many small villages, one being Bozburun. You can get there following the curvy roads from Marmaris, past Selimiye village. Or as I did, taking the mountain road from Selimiye that takes you up a plateau. The plateau is used by both villages’ shepherds and has a grand view of Hisaronu Bay, to the north. A dirt road takes you through a small valley, downhill, to Avlana, a part of Bozburun that is a bit far from the sea.

We met a family of shepherds up the plateau, and walked together down to Avlana, where they lived. From there, a road takes you to the harbor in 40 minutes by walking and makes you wish you had a bike instead. Avlana hasn’t changed much in years, as the coastal area is a more popular, touristic district. The town is also known for constructing gulets. There are no beaches in Bozburun, because it has a narrow coastal line, though this doesn’t mean that you can’t swim. Along the shore are many fish restaurants, shops and cute motels. The only down part is that if you are apt to leave for Marmaris or anywhere else, the buses stop working early, so you might have to hitchhike back.

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