Marilyn Monroe: The Lost Film of Peter Mangone

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He skipped his classes in hopes of photographing his idol as she left the hotel. But what Peter Mangone didn’t imagine was that he would get something much more.

The year was 1955, and Peter Mangone was just your average 15-year-old.

On the other hand, his idol, Marilyn Monroe, was far from average — she was a vivacious 29-year-old movie star. Mangone had skipped his 9th grade classes at his High School in the Bronx one day and perched himself outside the Gladstone Hotel. With his brother’s new camera in tow, he hoped to get a few shots of Marilyn as she exited the hotel.

Image by Peter Mangone via the Danziger Gallery

When she did come out, Mangone never expected her to invite him along for a stroll with her entourage.

But she did. And what resulted was a five-and-a-half-minute video that gave us a rough but completely candid glimpse on the movie legend.

Image by Peter Mangone via the Danziger Gallery

Mangone would move on to store the film – along with his collection of movie magazines – in a cardboard box that would be left forgotten until 2002, when his brother would find it while cleaning out their possessions.

And starting this January 10, a selection of stills from Mangone’s video can be viewed at the Danziger Gallery in Chelsea, New York until February 9.

5 ½ minutes. 329 seconds. 28 frames a second. 9,212 frames. It is extraordinary how many times Marilyn’s expression can change and how every split second of film is interesting no matter how banal the plot. – Press Release, Danziger Gallery

You can view more stills here.

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