The Anatomy of a Disposable Camera

2013-01-11 2

Ever wonder how the inside of a disposable camera looks like?

This video from Phogulum shows the anatomy of a disposable camera — from its covers, up to the most minute and miniscule parts, in the most simple and fuss-free manner.

It’s so straightforward, you can’t help but marvel on how such a small number of parts can work together and capture something as wonderful as a photograph.

Ah, the wonders of machines and science!

Personally, I like taking things apart and putting them back together again. It helps me see which part goes where and answers my curiosity of what purpose they serve the entire unit. It gives the feeling of really getting to know the object inside and out, don’t you think?

written by geegraphy on 2013-01-11 #videos #lifestyle #video #disposable-camera #breakdown


  1. clownshoes
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  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I often ask to the lab for used disposable I like to take them apart and recover everything that can serve to me one day. springs, lenses, small screws, batteries, and sometime reloaded them too when it is possible. However, BEWARE OF ELECTRIC SHOCK ! I try it once and I swear that it's not pleasant at all!

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