AKH Notaufnahme

You don’t need to have a disaster just to pay a visit to one of Vienna’s better hospitals!

Fake a minor disaster and head to the AKH (Vienna‚Äôs general hospital) for a body check from the handsome doctor on night shift. Get a date, meet interesting personalities and examine the ghastly outcomes of real accidents. Be careful not to get lost in this labyrinth that is Europe’s biggest hospital; this man has patients to see and places to be.
The means of a happy ending is concrete planning: the Austrian ambulance is reachable under the telephone number 144. Waiting for arrival is sometimes necessary. Walk-in patients can make it via the U6 (Michelbeuern Allgemeines Krankenhaus).
But note: coming for a peek can be taken very seriously by some and is usually considered an act of delinquency. And dating a doctor comes with many spin-offs.
Tip: try to keep your visits brief; all sense of time diminishes in the windowless halls of the building. You wouldn’t want to miss your date now, would you?

location: akh notaufnahme, währinger gürtel 18 – 20, 1090 vienna | how to get there: metro u6 to michelbeuern | opening hours: always open | call 144 for emergency

by Tizia Barci

written by cruzron on 2009-11-01 #places #vienna #hospital #location #government #vienna-city-guide #city-guide-vienna


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