My LC-A, Rusted?!

2013-01-14 2

One of my favorite summer cameras is the LCA+, and if you also say Krab and beach in the same sentence, it’s better! But sometimes accidents happen, and after spending a few days of very funny beach sessions, you realize that the LC-A is getting rusted… What to do?! Should we scream?! Cry?! No! It’s time to get handy and control the situation. ;)

After spending a day in the beach, I grabbed my LC-A and realized that the guard curtains were stiff. As well as the focusing key. As I looked further, I noticed that he key was a little rusted and so were some of the screws!

While being very displeased with the situation, I realized that during the water photo shoot I opened the Krab several times (to set the ISO and the focusing range), but even though I tried to keep my hands dry, I couldn’t do it quite well. From time to time the Krab steamed up from the inside, and I didn’t have any silica gel packets neither a tampon, as Barakalofi recommended. So I thought that that was the cause of the rusting.

Some days later, at the Lomography Gallery Store Barcelona, I told Cha about my problem, who very nicely gave me the solution to the problem and now I share it with you.

What do we need?

  • Cross tip precision screwdriver
  • Antioxidant.
  • Thin brush.
  • Absorbent paper.

First, unscrew the front part of the LC-A and leave uncovered the affected area.

Now, soak the paper with antioxidant and wet the brush with it. Paint the rusted part little by little. You have to be patient and not want to go quickly, so you can see how the rust disappears gradually. Specially, you have to be careful of not touching the lens or some of the delicate parts of the camera, such as the ones that move.

As soon as you are satisfied and the brush slides softly, place the front part. Be careful of placing correctly the guard curtains key, which is probably the most laborious part of the whole process. And now, your LCA is ready.

¡¡¡LOMO ON!!!

written by lilithmoon on 2013-01-14 #gear #tutorials #tipster #lca #trucos #camara #oxide #oxidacion
translated by lintrs

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