Old and New Town of Datca.

Datca is the district that shares its name with the peninsula that separates Gokova Bay and Hisaronu Bay. We can also say the peninsula separates the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas. The peninsula is located on the southwest of Turkey, and is 80kms long, with curvy roads going around mountains. It has lost of coves that are popular to travel to by boats in the summer.

The villages around the area are not by the seaside but on hills, and you would think why? It turns out piracy was a problem in the area until the beginning of 20th century. So there are two towns of Datca, one by the seaside, around the harbor, the other one couple of kilometers away, inland. The new town is obviously more crowded being a spot for tourism. You can get to Eski Datca (old Datca) with a minibus that operates on certain hours. It takes a bit long to walk there.

Eski Datca is a well preserved old village, with a distinctive architecture as the other ‘old town’s in the area are. Lovely streets and houses made of stone, cover the slopes of the hill that the town is located on. Other than the locals, artists and artisans have moved there. It is also the final resting place of the famous Turkish poet and translator, Can Yucel, who has spent the last years of his life there.

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  1. mattcharnock
    mattcharnock ·

    nice gallery dude! my mother in law lives in datca - and i spent my summer there this year - your review and pics brought back some very fond memories - cheers!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    Another wonderful gallery ! This house on N°27 is a miracle !

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Beautiful location and gallery!! :)

  4. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Another great location. You're doing an awesome job, Ayse! =)

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