Pucker Up, Lomographer - It's Valentine's Day!

2013-01-16 2

Heading out today? Don’t be surprised if you see couples being extra-sweet (or cheesy, depends on who you ask) – it’s Valentine’s Day! And because we love you, we prepared a gallery of top photos tagged with ‘Love’ as an inspiration. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Credits: sandkorn, mephisto19, shoujoai, moodification, eva_eva, reinertlee, erikagrendel, ccwu, weidong, analogmonolog, fayeusokoi, qrro, djramsay, jeabzz, gotoarizona, yokekei, fivedayforecast, pattyequalsawesome, atria007, werriston, dbyremus15, boredbone, emilios, adi_totp & modern_nmt

Did these photos put you in the mood for love? Grab a camera and start taking photos of your loved ones!

Wish to amp up the romance? Give the gift of analogue love with the new Lomography Valentine’s Day Editions – the Diana F+ and Diana Mini Love Letters Edition Cameras (because flowers and chocolates are predictable)!

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