New Web Show Focused on Analogue Photography Premiers

2013-01-10 1

Exchanging ideas and opinions with other photographers is always exciting. A new web show wants to share this excitement in video form. Based in Portland, Oregon, just had its premiere. Watch it after the jump.

Wanting to exchange ideas not only about cameras but about all aspects of analogue photography is what made Nate Matos want to expand his youtube videos into his own web show. The first episode of premiered yesterday. The episode focuses on the Rollei 35 camera and Nate tells us what made its unique when it first was released and what its strengths and weaknesses are. is made by Nate Matos and Ben Davis. Originally, pdexposures was started by Nate as an outlet for his work in photography. You might have come across some of his youtube videos in the past in which he discusses different aspects of analogue photography and gives hints and tips.

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