Don't Draw The Curtains When Sunlight Illuminates Your Room


What actions or in-actions will you take if you find an abandoned house or apartment near where you live? Would it become a secret haven for you and your friends? Or, would you just leave it abandoned? An artist from Canada, James Nizam, has the best suggestion yet!

Photo is taken from James Nizam

James Nizam started his project, “Trace Heaven”, in an abandoned property. It’s a project related to a natural resource – sunlight. In order to commence this project, he sliced gaps and holes into several rooms. Of course, he received permission to do so from the government beforehand.

Photo is taken from James Nizam

Even though Nizam has done all his preparation, he still has to wait until the sun reaches a certain position in the sky before sunlight can stream into the room. Through little mirrors affixed to the interior, the light that enters through the strategically placed openings will go various directions. Multiple exposures and adjustments of the mirror are needed to create certain forms and patterns.

Is Nizam’s light painting very different to our own? Besides using a torch or the flashlight on mobiles why not make use of sunlight as well! If you want to know more about the making of this project then let’s take a look of the behind-the-scenes pictures of “Trace Heaven”!

Photos is taken from James Nizam

Although more careful calculation and skill is required for a project like this, it’s still possible to accomplish it with persistence! Other than simply waiting for a good moment to shoot, we can also create something special then press the shutter too! Don’t limit your creativity!

The information for this article is taken from James Nizam and Petapixel

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