My Analogue Bucket List: 5 Analogue Wishes in 2013


Every person, every new year, have theirs new wishes. So, this are my wishes in 2013 for my analogue life.

1. Get LomoHome of the Day

Credits: arydwiaji

Can anyone tell me how to get the LomoHome of The Day? I really don’t know how to get it. I just try and keep contributing with my lomographs and my articles. Also, if I get the LomoHome of the Day I can bring the name of Indonesia here.

2. Visit a new place to review

Credits: arydwiaji

I always love to go somewhere new, see unusual scenery that not a lot of people have seen, enjoy the fresh air and leave the city life, or see people play with sand in the beach, and the most important is taking pictures to share with all of you here.

3. Have a lot of Lomo Friends

Credits: arydwiaji

I only have few friends on my LomoHome right now, and I really wish in 2013 I can get more friends on my LomoHome, so we can share our experiences, do film swaps, share inspiration, and everything about Lomography or analogue Photography. So? Wanna follow me and start our relationship?

4. Win a Rumble or Competition

Credits: arydwiaji

I haven’t won any competitions or even rumble yet since I made this account. But, I’m never giving up, I’ll keep trying and moving forward to win and collect the piggy points. Also, through this, I can find out what level my skill in Lomography or analogue photography is.

5. Inspire and be inspired more

Credits: arydwiaji

Photography, especially Lomography, is not just about taking good photographs using your camera, but it’s about lifestyle, and how photographs inspire others with the stories behind them. I really want to share my inspiration with my way, in photography way, my passionate way.

Those are all my analogue wishes for 2013. What about you?

written by arydwiaji on 2013-01-14 #lifestyle #analogue #future #wishes #hope #lomography #diana #spinner #analogue-lifestyle #2013 #bucket-list

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