Windmills, Datca


Withering mills of a windy peninsula.

When the sign says you have 10 km to Datca, you start to see modern windmills to your right. They are spread all over the land. Datca is known for being windy and is a popular spot for surfers. When you have around 5-6 kms to Datca, there is a dirt road to your right. That road leads to the old windmills, which are really close to the main road anyway.

The windmills were made around 1800s, right now they are either waiting to be restored or broken down. 2 of them are already restored, the biggest one turned into a café. When you go past the restored ones, a little walk uphill takes you to the other ones. When we observed them, we saw that they used to have three stories, first story had a fireplace, built in storage areas and a place to rest. Third story obviously had the millstone and the whole mechanism. Our observations were confirmed when we saw the third windmill still had its roof, stories and millstone in place. We figured the second floor was for storage. Everything was still in its place in this third mill, compared to the other two which didn’t have much left that wasn’t decayed, and had fig trees growing inside.

Seeing the mills in such state left our imaginations running. Even if they were broken down, (and weren’t in La Mancha), they were kind of fascinating.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    N°13 and 19 are so nice ! And I love your directions especially this part : ...around 5-6 kms to Datca, there is a dirt road to your right... 8D

  2. euroteam3
    euroteam3 ·

    thanks =D,
    yeah i know its sounds a bit vague, but that's how we rock down there =P ! i was asking for directions once, what i got was "just go over that mountain"

  3. zekiyeayse
    zekiyeayse ·

    I forgot to logout, after uploading an album to euro team 3's home.

  4. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Awesome =)) Turkey is getting great publicity from you, you should get some cash from the tourist department, haha =)

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